Adventurous last day! Israel Museum, feet in Jordan River, Jericho, Qumran, floating in Dead Sea, riding camels – Farewells and final comments. Final pilgrimage homily here.


Fun Farewells and Comments


4:00 AM wake-up?? Are you crazy?? Yes, crazy like a fox — and everyone thanked us later. What an amazing morning walking the Via Dolorosa arriving at Calvary for Mass and then an entrance into the Tomb on Sunday morning.

We came back the to the Notre Dame for breakfast and then off to the Western Wall (for Steve’s talk see below) and the Holy Shroud Exhibit. The afternoon was free but included a delectable lunch at Rossini’s in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem.

Everyone had the afternoon free to explore, nap, pray and discover. We had a magnificent dinner on the rooftop of Jerusalem! Enjoy!

Steve’s talk at Western Wall


Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 8.15.17 AMSince we are having Mass in the Holy Sepulchre early this morning I wanted to share these many beautiful and helpful picture, diagrams, charts and more about the Holy Sepulchre.

See all this wealth of information written and visual.

For me this is the most holy and important spot in the Universe. It is where Jesus Christ, God made man, died in my place to redeem me from sin and death. Enjoy!


Mass at Gethsemane, Mt. of Olives, Upper Room and more

September 24, 2016

Lots of tears at the powerful Mass at Gethsemane. For the homily, click here. The Our Father in multiple languages on Mount of Olives. Steve’s “Story of Salvation History” before going to the Upper Room and more. Steve’s talk at Gethsemane:

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Was Jesus Really Born at THAT Place in Bethlehem?

September 24, 2016

Today we are having Mass at Gethsemane on the western slope of the Mount of Olives. How do we know this is really Gethsemane? And tomorrow we have Mass at Calvary in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Really? How do we know? Yesterday we venerated the place Jesus was born in Bethlehem and had Mass in the […]

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Bethlehem All Day: Nativity, Mass in a Cave, Passover Lamb and Dancing!

September 23, 2016

Great day in Bethlehem! Enjoy! For the homily in Bethlehem’s caves, click here.

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Boating on Galilee, the Eucharist and Capernaum, Up to Jerusalem, Meeting with Bishop

September 22, 2016

Enjoy today’s adventures! Boat ride on Galilee, viewing ancient 1st century boat, Mass in Capernaum where Jesus said, “Eat My Flesh”, eating St. Peter’s fish. Steve’s conversion story on the drive to Jerusalem, arrival at the Catholic Notre Dame Hotel, meeting with the Bishop of Jerusalem, great dinner and bed…ready for Bethlehem tomorrow.

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Beatitudes, “You are Peter”, Multiplication of Loaves, Primacy of Peter, Magdala and an Over the Top Dinner

September 21, 2016

To much to say. You will just have to watch the videos. Too much for 15 minute YouTube limitations so we did two 10 minute videos. Enjoy! For Fr. Xavier’s homily at Beatitudes, click here. Part I Part II

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Mount of Transfiguration, Wedding Renewals at Cana, Exploring Nazareth

September 20, 2016

Another great day with a fun and attentive group. First we had Mass on the top of the Mount of Transfiguration. For the homily, click here. Second, we renewed wedding vows in Cana of Galilee, had a great lunch in Nazareth and then went to the Church of Annunciation.  We prayed the Rosary at the […]

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Renovation at the Holy Sepulchre

September 18, 2016

Just thought you’d like to see what’s going on at the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem (video below). It’s been under renovation for several months and it’s a year-long project. It makes our life a lot more difficult and access more challenging. While this is renovation is in progress we cannot have our High Masses because […]

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Rome Day 6: Walking Tour of Rome, Catacombs and Farewells

September 7, 2016

Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, St. Maria in Sopra Minerva, catacombs of St. Sebastian and much more… For the homily at the Catacombs of St. Sebastian, click here

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Join us Driving thru “Bella Italia” to Assisi and Back…

September 6, 2016

Enjoy the ride, the stories and the medieval city of Assisi. Don’t forget to listen to Fr. Thad’s excellent homily at Mary of the Angels Church in Assisi.

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Mass at St. Peter’s; Steve’s Story of St. Paul & Martyrdom; What is Typology?

September 5, 2016

Great day in Rome — Banner Day! Join our Mass at St. Peter’s (Fr. Thad’s homily). Follow the Life of St. Paul. Enjoy! Our 4th Day in Rome… Steve’s Talk on Typology and the Church of St. John Lateran… Steve’s “Life of St. Paul” Part 1… Life of St. Paul Part 2

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Rooftop View of Mother Teresa Canonization Mass; Dinner with Gianna Molla, daughter of a Saint

September 4, 2016

What a banner day. Enjoy the Canonization from the “sky seats” and meet St. Gianna Molla’s daughter. Our pilgrims were really blessed today with many surprises and blessings. Enjoy!

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Who Are the Poor I’m Supposed to Care For?

September 4, 2016

As we leave our rented apartment in Rome and walk towards St. Peter’s Square I notice a ragged, filthy woman sitting on a piece of cardboard with a baby laying lethargically in her arms. She looks up with mournful eyes and pathetically mumbles something as she reaches out hoping I’ll put coins in her hand. […]

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With Gregory the Great on his Feast Day; Bedroom of Mother Teresa; Tour of Ancient Rome

September 3, 2016

Not too shabby having Mass in the Church of St. Gregory the Great on his feast day and in the place where he lived and in the presence of his papal chair. Excellent homily by Fr. Thaddeaus here. After that we had an exclusive invitation to visit Mother Teresa’s nuns in Rome and to visit […]

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