Rob Kaczmark and his new wife Kimberly joined us in the Holy Land last September. They own Spirit Juice Studios which is a new and talented production company. While they were with us they took magnificent and artistic pictures along the way. Never have I seen such eye-popping images of the Holy Land. Enjoy!

Join us on a pilgrimage to Israel (it is very safe regardless what you see on CNN), Poland, St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise, Guadalupe (brochure coming soon for Dec 2016), Fatima, Avila and Lourdes, the Holy Shroud of Turin and a detailed tour all the way to Rome, and much more. Visit www.FootprintsOfGod.com.

Click here to see eye-popping artistic photos of the Holy Land


Mass inside the Tomb of Christ

These priests experienced the Holy Land for the first time in December.

They traveled with us and brought great joy and fun to the whole group. They were devout, serious and holy, yet they were fun, laughing, full of stories, played cards until the lights went out and bonded with the group like affectionate brothers.

Fr. Dan Good and Fr. Daren Zehnle share their thoughts and experiences. Here is a picture of them celebrating Mass together INSIDE the Tomb of Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Our group was all there with them.

Click for larger image: Letter from Fr. Dan Good










Click for larger image: Letter from Fr. Daren Zehnle

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This was an unsolicited letter from our chaplain over the Christmas pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Enjoy!

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John the Baptist Ate Them…Steve Ate One too!

January 10, 2015

I was just on the radio and mentioned how I ate a grasshopper in the Holy Land, in honor of John the Baptist. Since we just returned from Israel I thought I would repost this blog entry in honor of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus on January 9 and my appearance on Relevant Radio to [...]

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The Pain of Stolen Honey – In Preparation for “John the Baptist & Our Lord Baptism”

January 8, 2015

A painful price is paid when one reaches his hand into a swarm of bees to swipe some of their honey. Stingers fly and welts flare. Wild honey is not collected from wild bees without burning pain and suffering. Today there is protective equipment and methods to harvest honey, but in times past it took [...]

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Camels, Dead Sea Floating, Feasting in Jericho, Authentic Baptismal Site of Jesus and more

January 3, 2015

Enjoy our last pilgrimage day!

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Critical, Discerning Pilgrims: What Did They Say?

January 3, 2015

After 8 days together on a bus thru the Holy Land, guess how every one reacted…

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New Year’s Day: 5:30 AM Mass at the Tomb of Christ! Also Mt. Zion and Mt. of Olives

January 1, 2015

The alarm went off at 4:30 AM and with smiles all the pilgrims entered the lobby and we walked together to the Holy Sepulchre to touch Calvary where the cross stood and then to have Mass inside the Tomb. What a blessing–our first thing of the New Year! Enjoy! Mass at the Tomb Mount of [...]

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Sailing on the Sea; Eating Flesh and Blood in Capernaum; Up to Jerusalem

December 30, 2014

Another great day with friends and adventure. Boat ride on Galilee, viewing 2,000 year old “Jesus Boat”, Mass at Capernaum and my talk on the Eucharist. Lunch of St. Peter’s Fish and drive up to Jerusalem. Then to the Church of the Visitation and ending up for a great dinner at our Vatican-owned Notre Dame [...]

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My 60th Birthday and Touring Upper Galilee

December 29, 2014

When you turn 60 you have to do some soul searching. At best, with good health I have 20 good years ahead of me. What will I do with them? How will I best use my last good 20 years? Here is my list of priorities: 1) to serve my Lord Jesus to the best [...]

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Transfiguration, Annunciation in Nazareth and Wedding Renewals in Cana – and Running and Swimming

December 28, 2014

  Family, friends and well-wishers: if you leave a comment below I will read it to the pilgrims each day on the bus. Please leave your thoughts and encouragements and/or prayer requests. Today was great all the way around. Great weather except for a few minutes of sprinkles. Swimming, running, walks through Tiberias on top [...]

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Arrival of our Group in Israel for our Christmas Pilgrimage

December 27, 2014

Yup, the planes arrived with pilgrims from all over the United States, Rome and England. Great group of excited Catholics ready to experience the most amazing days of their lives. Enjoy the video.

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Womb 2 Tomb; Bethlehem 2 Jerusalem; Biking on Christmas thru the Holy Land

December 26, 2014

  We are in Israel with my daughter Charlotte, her husband Wesley and my wife Janet. We are picking up our bus full of people tomorrow at the Tel Aviv airport. We are looking forward to a wonderful pilgrimage through the land of Our Lord. We arrived a day before our group so my son-in-law [...]

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Jerusalem Over a Hundred Years Ago

December 26, 2014

Old Aerial Photos of Jerusalem Below: original pictures; Above: my notations The Old city sure has changed in since these photos were taken. Does anybody know what the date these were taken? They were shot early in aviation history. My guess is they are about 100 years old. Since we arrived in Jerusalem today awaiting [...]

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Steve Ray’s Six Rules for Dealing with Non-Catholic Family & Friends: Getting Ready for Christmas :-)

December 15, 2014

Joint us on a pilgrimage. Visit FootprintsOfGod.com. Today I was on Relevant Radio with John Harper discussing my Six Rules for dealing with family and friends who disagree with us, oppose us, want to argue and are against the Catholic Church and our morals. For my Catholic Answers show two months ago on this, click here. [...]

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Personal Letter from Jerusalem Patriarch Twal; What WE do on Pilgrimage

December 14, 2014

Since Christians are only 1.5% of the population in the Holy Land, don’t you think we should support them when we visit Israel? YES! If not, we fail to do our moral duty. Right: Personal Letter from Patriarch Twal Christians are leaving the land in droves due to lack of opportunity, persecution and tremendous pressure [...]

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