Nature & Birds

Birds and Animals seen from our Porch

June 19, 2005

    I used to be a Boy Scout and I was raised on a small farm. Watching birds and animals have always been a favorite past-time and hobby of mine. For those few who might be interested, this is a list of birds and animals we have seen from our porch. Click here.

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God must be Pretty Smart

June 12, 2005

                              Amid the heat and intermittent thunderstorms it was a great day to reflect on the beauty of families. With all our four kids and grandkids it was fun to watch what God has created. When he made the family he [...]

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Am I a Sick Individual?

May 30, 2005

The lady at the pet store told me I was a sick individual. I didn’t think so, but then again I am biased and think I’m OK – and my wife tends to agree with me. The whole thing started because of a small hobby of mine. When I was a little boy my dad bought [...]

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