If you are not familiar with St. Paul Street Evangelism they are worth getting to know – and worth joining. It was started a while ago by my friend Steve Dawson who said, “Why don’t we Catholics hit the streets and public squares like the early Christians and like the Apostles?”  So…

…he started St. Paul Street Evangelism. They make a big difference and are one of the fastest growing groups in the Church. It has the added benefit of its members getting excited about the faith and sharing it. 

Sharing the Gospel on the Streets

They have led to the evangelization of over 28,000 people with life-changing results: 

  • Over 9,000 people hearing the Gospel message;

  • Over 2,800 men and women consecrating their lives to Christ or making a commitment to consider the Catholic Church;

  • Over 1,400 of our brothers and sisters becoming Catholic, joined RCIA, or have “reverted.”  

Below is a testimonial of Archbishop Allen Vigneron.
Visit their website HERE to see and learn more. If you want to join a team or start a team or take classes on how to evangelize, contact them.
 Also they are in need of funds to publish their pamphlets and material. If you can help them visit this site. This is a way you can help the New Evangelization from home :-)

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Less than a month ago, from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI:

 Retired Pope Benedict XVI said dialogue with other religions is no substitute for spreading the Gospel to non-Christian cultures, and warned against relativistic ideas of religious truth as “lethal to faith.” He also said the true motivation for missionary work is not to increase the church’s size but to share the joy of knowing Christ.

In other words, dialoguing with the world and other religions and sects is not a substitute to converting others to the truth of Christianity. St. Paul wanted to convert everyone to Christ. We should do the same. Dialogue is great, but not for dialogue’s sake. The goal is to bring everyone to the joy of knowing Christ.



Support Street Evangelization

by JesseRay on July 15, 2014

St. Paul would be proud of the street evangelization going on in his name. Now is your chance to show your support of the tremendous work of my friend Steve Dawson and the 130 international teams of street evangelizers.

A Celebration of St. John Paul II and the New Evangelization

You are cordially invited to:
St. Paul Street Evangelization’s
1st Annual Fundraising Gala
July 19, 2014
in Sterling Heights Michigan