Meredith and I have had a conversation by email over the last few days as Janet and I were on our way to Israel. She shared her conversion with us and asked a few questions. Here is part of our conversation. She is a remarkable woman and and excited new convert to the Catholic Church. Enjoy!

Thank you Steve! I pray the Lord will continue growing in my heart and teaching me. I came home to the Catholic Church Oct. 21st….three weeks ago. Since then I have had 15 communions. What I’m going through now I describe as this:

Before, as a Protestant, I had the Lord, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

One day.. Jesus walked me to this HUGE Ballroom. He opened these gigantic doors and when he opens the doors…he says…meet your family. There I see standing before me with open arms of joy… Mary, Joseph, the disciples, the patriarchs of old, and all the saints….just waiting for me!

It’s so overwhelming to know that as I lean on the Lord in all things…I get to rest in arms of many great saints too. And…I get to finally eat at the table with them all!! It’s amazing. :-)

Part of the reason I left Protestantism is because of the emotionalism (which I was involved in during my twenties and early thirties) and the identity that the Protestants were creating for themselves by there many ‘movements’ (emerging church, healing ministries, etc) and the atmosphere within the church on a given Sunday morning.

One day I said to my husband during our normal Protestant church service, “What is the difference between this and the world?” Nothing!

The “seek friendly” churches, as Protestants call them, has become so caught up in ‘numbers’, ‘money’, and the worldly appeal (coffee bars, rock concerts, XBoxes…all within the church during a service)….that they are willing to compromise the genuine work of the Holy Spirit and trade it in for the counterfeit of the world. The veil of the counterfeit has been removed from my eyes.

Now, I must pray for all my dear Christian friends…who don’t see the truth of it all, especially those who do not like the way the emerging Protestant church is going. 

Wonder what Martin Luther would think of all this?

I once loved the sound of a mighty wind and the feel of an earthquake….however….the ‘still small voice’ has won me over.


Meredith Kirk holds a BA from Coastal Carolina University in Public Relations, and BA in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Bible College. Meredith is also one of the ‘Most Beautiful Women in Golf 2014-2015′ by and ‘Best Golf Teachers Under 40′ by Golf Digest 2014-2015, Mrs. South Carolina 2014, and recently ranked 3rd in South Carolina by Golf Digest as one of the state’s Best Teachers.Meredith was also recently featured in the May issue of Golf Magazine as, ‘Innovator of the Year 2015’ for her creation of a non profit organization that helps children ages 14 and under receive fitted golf equipment at no cost.(


Today I was on Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie on EWTN Radio discussing my Seven Rules for dealing with family and friends who disagree with us, oppose us, want to argue and are against the Catholic Church and our morals.

Cover story on Catholic Answers Magazine

Steve Ray’s Seven Rules:

1) Never argue with them, it will only push them further away.

2) Love them more than ever before, especially between spouses

3) Pray seriously and constantly and make sacrifices

4) Show the Joy of the Lord in your life so they see the result of the fullness of the Faith

5) Study apologetics and do biblical homework so you are ready when they finally ask questions

6) Be patient – God is not in as big a hurry as you are.

7) Ask God to bring someone else into their lives to influence them since they won’t listen to you

Joint us on a pilgrimage. Visit

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Intro: Kim Tisor was reared in a Christian home that emphasized weekly attendance at their Southern Baptist Church. She remained a Baptist well into adulthood and was content to be one, until radio airwaves carrying Catholic teaching reached this Christian, music-playing DJ’s ears. It placed her on a journey of discovery that would ultimately lead her and her husband out of Protestantism and into the Catholic Church, taking their young children with them.  

I grew up in south western Kentucky where, not unlike most southern towns, there were more churches than library books.  It just so happens that we attended one of the largest churches located downtown on South Main Street.  First Baptist Church has been standing on the same corner since 1818 and is where my parents wed in 1964. It’s where I first learned about Jesus and his love for me.  It’s where I attended Vacation Bible School. 

It’s the church that sent me to my first summer camp where I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  It’s also where my husband and I exchanged wedding vows more than 30 years after my parents did.  It’s where my mom still attends and my dad did too, until he passed away in 2014. The people there are like family.  I can assure you there was rarely a Sunday that we missed church while I was a kid and we were members at First Baptist.

The story throughout my teenage, college, and young adult years is fairly uneventful.  No falling away or crisis of faith to mention.  I remained in church and in God’s word and Christ remained in me.  As I see it, I am, and have always been, a pretty blessed gal.  So how did my heart and mind ever shift toward Rome?  It started with a prayer and gained momentum with a bumper sticker. 

My husband and I were living in Colorado Springs, CO and looking for a church home.  We visited no fewer than 20.  One thing I discovered was that there were many aspects to various forms of worship that spoke to me.  I liked singing the familiar old hymns.  I liked praise and worship songs.  I liked liturgy. I liked raising my hands (at times) and I liked silence. But then I thought to ask God, “What do you like?”

I began pondering what forms of worship God prefers.  Does He have a preference? Does God like all forms, so long as they’re sincere and from the heart?  I didn’t know the answer, so I asked Him to show me.

A couple years passed, kids came along, and I still had no answer to my question.  Instead, I had other questions.  All of a sudden whether or not to participate in Halloween festivities became an issue due to its pagan undertones.  If we concluded that it was wrong to parade our kids through the neighborhood dressed in costumes searching for candy, then trimming Christmas trees and hunting for Easter eggs would need to be eliminated as well, because they, too, contained traditions with pagan underpinnings. 

What to do? I sought the scriptures. I longed for nothing more than to please my Lord. But the verses I found weren’t explicit. Funny, at the time of my dilemma I literally thought it would be easier to be Catholic. At least the Catholics placed their trust in previous Popes’ decisions when designating Christian holidays. These weren’t, in my estimation, concerns that kept Catholics up at night.  

Several years passed and my children grew along with my list of questions. Sadly, because of my “on the fence” position regarding holidays, we hadn’t created any family traditions. It didn’t help matters that neither my husband nor I grew up with any traditions of our own from which to draw. But things were about to change.

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