Today is our 22nd Anniversary as Catholics!

by Steve Ray on May 15, 2016

Picture of our family on May 22, 1994 at Christ the King in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Pentecost Sunday 1995 our family of six along with friend Rob Corzine entered the Catholic Church with tears and new friends. We lost all of our Evangelical friends within two weeks but it was a small price to pay. 

I always say that when I was 17 years old Jesus introduced himself to me; when I turned 39 he decided it was finally time to introduce me to his family.

Thank Fr. Ed Fride!

Every single Mass since 1994 I have whispered in my wife’s ear, “I love being a Catholic with you!”

Thanks everyone for the great welcome and the marvelous family!

You can read the short version of conversion story here with lots of pictures.

The first edition of our conversion story "Crossing the Tiber" in 1997


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Katie in FL May 15, 2016 at 10:38 PM

Congratulations! I tell my husband the same thing as well. I’m so glad to be Catholic and that we’re here together.

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