Atheism or God? You are the Detective

by Steve Ray on October 6, 2013

Atheism is growing in America and in the world. But is there a good reason for its popularity? Do they know something we don’t know or do they just not want “a God” to tell them what to do? Is it reasonable to be an atheist? Which takes more faith: atheism or theism (belief in a God)?

I gave a talk this week called “Atheism: What You and Your Kids Need to Know.” We will eventually have this talk for sale on our site. The talk was fun and hard-hitting. In a simple way I helped the audience understand the reasons and implications for atheism and theism. 

You are the detective and you have clues. There are very few possible options so it makes it quite easy. The 3-page chart below helps you work through the clues. It is the chart I used in my talk to help people look at the clues and decide for themselves. Hope you find it helpful.

Click image to see the whole 3-page chart

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